Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Knitting Pattern: "Such a Frill" Cowl

"Such a Frill" Cowl

1 skein Lion Brand Alpine Wool or other bulky yarn, ca. 90-100 yds. total
Size 13 knitting needles
Crochet hook

Cast on: 16 stitches

S1 knitwise on every row, then K1 *P1 K1*,  continuing ** to end of row.
Knit until there are enough yards left to finish with a frill.
To make the frill:
Frill rows 1 and 4, S1knitwise, *Kf&b next stitch, P1*, continue ** to next to last stitch, then K1 last stitch.
Frill rows 2, 3 and 5: S1 knitwise, then K the K stitches and P the P stitches.

Bind off loosely.
Using a crochet hook, attach the frill end of the cowl over the beginning end of the cowl.
To wear, simply slip the cowl over your head.